Physical Infrastructure: The institution has its own land covering 5006.17 Sq Mtr. The building of the institution has 3501.49 Sq. Mtr. The building constitutes of Classrooms,  Library, Laboratories, Assembly hall and office. Besides these the institution has playground for playing outdoor and indoor games like Volley ball, Football, etc.

Library: The library is well equipped the text book and reference book. The library of the institution consists of 7867 books. The library of the institution contains text books on teacher education, educational technology, education psychology, educational administration & Management Health education, Computer education, Methods of Teaching various subjects and other topics related to B. Ed. Education. It also has sufficient amount of book on Educational Encyclopedia, Year book, electronic publications and journals.

Detail of library books
Journals and magazine

1. Total No. of books (Acc. No.) 7867
2. Reference books 953
3. Text books 6914
4. Encyclopaedia of education 2 Set (Seven Vol.)
5. Encyclopaedia of education & research 2 Set (Five Vol)
Disp. order

Journal and Magazine

1. Journal - N. C. E. R. T (Qty 8)
2. Outlook
3. izfr;ksfxrk niZ.k
4. Competition Success Review
5. India Today
6. f'kfojk
7. Readers Digest
8. izR;w"k
9. e#osnuk
10. ubZ f'k{kk